• Introducing the PENTAX Q-S1 Digital Camera

    PENTAX Q-S1 Digital Camera: Providing endless artistic expression in a fashionable compact design complete, with interchangeable lenses

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  • Q7 Applying Custom Image Functions to RAW Files

    Q: Are there any Custom Image functions available in the included SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.0 LE like those on PENTAX cameras?

    A: SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.0 LE does not offer any of the PENTAX Custom Image effects.

    To use such effects for the captured images, select the desired Custom Image on the camera when RAW images are developed.

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  • Q7 Included Software

    Q: What software is included with the Q7?

    A: SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.0 LE (Ver. comes with the camera. This software accepts RAW (DNG) data from a K-50, K-30, K-01, PENTAX Q, PENTAX Q10, PENTAX Q7, PENTAX MX-1 or PENTAX GR camera only.

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  • Q7 and Digital Camera Utility 4

    Q: Can images captured using the Q7 be used with Digital Camera Utility 4?

    A: Digital Camera Utility 4 can be used to view JPEG images but cannot be used to edit images or develop RAW images.

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  • Q7 RAW (DNG) Files

    Q: Can Q7 RAW (DNG) data be used in applications such as Photoshop that support the DNG file format?

    A: Yes, they can

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  • Q7 Computer System Requirements

    Q: What are the system requirements for using Q7 still pictures and movies on a computer?

    A: The system requirements are:

    - Windows


    Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows Vista

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  • Q7 In-Camera Movie Editing

    Q: Can movies be edited on the camera?

    A: Yes, movies can be divided and unwanted segments be deleted directly in the camera.

    Note: you can also capture a single frame from a movie on the camera and save it as a JPEG still picture.

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  • Q7 In-Camera Image Resizing and Cropping

    Q: Can images be resized or trimmed directly on the Q7?

    A: Yes, JPEG files captured on the Q7 can be resized and cropped in-camera.

    Note: images already resized to 0.2M or 0.3M with the PENTAX Q7 cannot be resized or cropped, however.

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  • Q7 Image Playback on TV Screen

    Q: Can the Q7 be connected to a TV for playback of images on a TV screen?

    A: Yes, you can connect the camera to a TV or other device with a video input terminal or HDMI input terminal and play back images.

    Note: you cannot output both composite and HDMI video signals at the same time.

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  • Q-series Lens Types

    Q: Can you me what Q-series lenses are available and which camera features are available with each type of lens?



    A group


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  • Q7 and Eye-Fi Card

    Q: Can an Eye-Fi card be used with the Q7?

    A: Yes, it can. Set [Eye-Fi Communication] under [Eye-Fi] in the [Set-up] menu to Auto, Select, or Off (Default setting).

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  • Q7 Image Storage Requirements on Memory Card

    Q: Approximately how many Q7 images can be stored on or minutes of movie be saved to an SD Memory Card?

    A: The number will vary according to the shooting conditions and the subject or subjects being photographed. Below is a guide with details on the available number of recordable images and shooting time.


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