Using Flucard for PENTAX with K-3 Q&A - Part 1

Q Remote Control capability by use of the O-FC1 (Flucard for PENTAX) is available for which PENTAX camera models?
A:Currently, the Flucard for PENTAX offers remote control capability with the PENTAX K-3 and  PENTAX 645Z cameras.


QWhat functions are available when the O-FC1 is used in a PENTAX DSLR other than the K-3?
A:It is possble to view captured images in the communication device.


QWhat are the software requirements of the communication device to operate with the O-FC1?
A:Android OS 4.2 or higher, Chrome browser IOS 6 or higher, Safari browser
Note: the O-FC1 is not guaranteed to work with all types of devices


QWhich image format can be transferred?
A:Only images that are saved in JPEG format can be transferred.


QIs it possible to monitor videos during recording with the O-FC1?


Q:What is the storage capacity of current O-FC1 memory cards?

A:16 GB.


QWhich Wi-Fi memory cards offer the ability to transfer images from the K-3 other than the O-FC1?
A:An Eye-Fi card with a built-in wireless LAN function can be used to transfer images, but will not offer the Remote Control cabability of the O-FC1 (Flucard for PENTAX).


QCan the O-FC1 be used in either memory card slots 1 or memory card slot 2 in the K-3?
A:Yes, but the wireless functions will only be available when the card is used in memory card slot 2.


QCan the O-FC1 be protected so it will only operate wirelessly in a single device?
AYes, it can be protected by a network key and SSID.

Note: If you are using in the (K-3)-compatible cameras, SSID / network key is stored in the camera.If you are using a non-compatible cameras, SSID / network key is stored in the card.

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